Designed to connect:

Engage with Your School Community.

Our solutions & services were born from a passion to transform your engagement with parents, students, staff and the wider school community in a connected world, providing the most beautiful and intuitive user experience.

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Designed for an outstanding user-experience on any device, adapting fluidly to any screen size - now even featuring video background on mobile devices.

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News, calendar events & notification items are distributed via a single “submit”-click to all your communication channels (social media, email subscribers, website news section & app)

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From commodity to service - with our optional managed services solution, as technology evolves and user behaviour changes, so will your website. instead of buying a website that gets outdated over time, you get continuous upgrades - new features, user experience re-designs, content updates, continuous CMS training, ongoing consulting, etc..



Top-tier security and GDPR compliance are built into the design of every school website - and not as an afterthought. We even provide you with a draft privacy statement.



Measurable Results


Understand your audience

Analyse and understand your website visitors - what devices do they use, how often they visit, how many pages they view, etc. This allows you to measure the success of the content on your website and the search engine performance of your site.

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Find out what they’re interested in

Learning about the type of content your visitors are interested in allows you to make key decisions around the content you produce for the website and which time investments yield the highest results.

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Optimise your content

By understanding what content performs well and generates interest, you can base important future decisions on data and not on guess work.

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Analyse the source of your visitors

Analyse and understand the sources of your website traffic in order to understand and adapt to changing trends. Evaluate how well your social channels are performing for driving traffic vs. your e-news vs. search engines etc.